January 2003

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With much enthusiasm and prayer, the management of Shepherd’s Keep were given opportunities of sending infection control supplies to Kwamashu (a township outside of Durban, where the rate of HIV infection is extremely high) and The Valley of a Thousand Hills (a rural area of Kwa Zulu Natal that has no running water and no electricity)

Shepherd’s Keep staff were a buzz with ordering loads and loads of infection control supplies, packing them into the boxes that were donated for the purpose, and delivering them to the said folk.

They are only given to Registered Nurses, who take charge of trained caregivers, who then in turn have a box per patient.

The gospel of Jesus Christ is shared with the patient, often dying, and at the same time, he is given a bath, his pressure parts are gently massaged and his sores and open wounds are dressed. All his other needs are taken care of—a mouth wash, etc, and then he is fed by the care giver. He is left clean and feeling much better.

This process is covered by the care giver each day with her patients—we can only commend them for their dedication and love for their fellow man. They leave after praying and singing with their patient.

After we saw the desperate need for this care, it was decided by the management to fund raise and build a couple of AIDS RETREATS where the very sick and dying will have proper beds and hygienic care, giving them dignity and confidence that all possible is being done for them and their families.

A concert is being planned with overseas artists and we will keep you updated.

God is incredibly wonderful, how we give Him all glory and honour in how He has brought us all through another year, and how His timing is so perfect in all things.

We hope to start building on the babies building soon, and we take this opportunity to thank every donor—we are getting there!

God bless you all
From management and staff

Colin and Cheryl Pratley — custodians of Shepherd’s Keep

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