December 2002

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We are frantically working around the clock, packing and ordering infection control supplies which are going out in boxes with care givers to patients in the rural areas. The trained sisters controlling the dispersing supplies have said the patients are so hungry after tending to their physical and ailing needs, so we are now packing soup as well. We are trusting God for a more solid food for the not too sick patients.

Shepherd’s keep’s property has been secured and we are all thankful To our almighty Father as he provides so faithfully for us.

The plans for our new care centre are presented in the “Journal of the KwaZulu-Natal Institute for Architecture“–of this we are very proud, as the plans were very carefully put together by our architect and Cheryl who have thought of every little detail, even to the installation of ramps instead of stairs, for easy access for prams, trolleys (medicines, bottles, linen, ) and wheel chairs and senior saints (visitors to our babes).

Building starts in the new year.

Colin will be in Pretoria in January to be that ” voice for the voiceless” where he and other musicians will be playing—bringing awareness to the nation of the plight of HIV/AIDS victims and as a fundraising event for SHEPHERD’S KEEP (venue to be advised).

Colin and Cheryl Pratley — custodians of Shepherd’s Keep


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