A Sanctuary of Love on the Bluff

The History Of Shepherds Keep

In the heart of South Africa, atop the picturesque Bluff, a sacred refuge unfolds its arms to cradle the most vulnerable among us - Shepherds Keep.
Here, amidst the gentle whispers of the wind and the awe-inspiring views, a divine journey of love and compassion is embarked upon.

Shepherds Keep isn't just a home for abandoned babies; it's a haven where the boundless love of Christ embraces the fragile beginnings of life.

" We love because He first loved us. "
-1 John 4: 19

A Beacon of Hope: The Genesis

Founded in 1999, Shepherds Keep emerged as a divine response to the call for a sanctuary for infants left without earthly protection. Its inception was a manifestation of a collective commitment to mirror the love of the Good Shepherd, providing solace and care to those who are left alone. Through the years, Shepherds Keep has grown into a radiant light of hope, a testament to the grace that flows through its every corner.

Our Building History

The story of Shepherds Keep is woven into the very fabric of its structure, a tapestry of faith, community, and unwavering dedication. Each brick, each room, carries the imprint of hands guided by a higher purpose. The expansion of this sacred space mirrors the growth of love within its walls, a love that transcends the temporal and ushers abandoned babies into the eternal embrace of Christ.

Shepherds Keep has evolved not just in physical space but in vision and mission. What started as a refuge for abandoned infants has blossomed into a comprehensive support system. The development history is a testament to the commitment to continually enhance the quality of care provided. Educational programs, medical facilities, and partnerships with the local community have become integral parts of Shepherds Keep’s evolution, ensuring that each child receives the holistic care needed for a healthy, happy life.

Join us as we delve into the heartwarming narrative of Shepherds Keep, where every child is not just given a home but is embraced by a community that believes in the transformative power of love. Together, let us celebrate the triumph of compassion over adversity and the enduring spirit of Shepherds Keep – a haven that stands tall, echoing the resilience of those it shelters.



The work days are long and the nights even longer, but the staff sing songs of Jesus and their pure sweet voices ring out like angels, bringing healing and deliverance one baby was at deaths door the doctors said, “just hold him” and he is thriving and putting on weight this is only possible with God as man cannot heal him!

"With hindsight, we realise that by overcoming our cowardice and visiting the home, we are richer for the experience. Nothing could prepare us for the warmth and love that radiates there."
Daily News, 2 December 1999 - Seema Diahnan and Ashmika Mahara


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