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Adopting babies is a profoundly important and compassionate act that benefits both the child and the adoptive parents. Firstly, it provides loving homes to children who may have been orphaned, abandoned, or unable to be cared for by their biological parents, offering them stability, security, and a chance at a brighter future. Adoption also allows individuals and couples who may be unable to conceive biologically to experience the joys and challenges of parenthood, fulfilling their desire to nurture and raise a child. Moreover, it promotes diversity and inclusivity within families, communities, and society at large, emphasizing the universal value of love and family beyond biological ties. In essence, the act of adopting babies exemplifies the power of compassion, love, and the human capacity to create bonds that transcend biology.

As a 24 hour facility for babies from birth to six months old, the name of Shepherd's Keep has become synonymous with excellence through hard work and dedication, and is favoured by most officials when seeking shelter for abandoned babies.

" We love because He first loved us. "
-1 John 4: 19



Prospective parents need to be screened by the local child welfare society to ensure their suitability as either foster or adoptive parents.


Social Workers

Shepherd’s Keep will assist social workers by introducing them to those with queries about adoption or those wishing to foster or adopt.


An attorney works alongside Shepherd’s Keep to place many babies in different countries, such as America, Holland, Australia, Italy and others.


These babies keep contact with the Pratleys and send photos at Christmas time—a very fulfilling and wonderful part of the ministry.

Transforming Lives by Adopting Abandoned Babies in South Africa

In South Africa, the act of adopting abandoned babies carries profound significance, not only for the child but also for the adoptive parents and society at large. This compassionate act brings about a myriad of benefits that extend far beyond the individual families involved.



The work days are long and the nights even longer, but the staff sing songs of Jesus and their pure sweet voices ring out like angels, bringing healing and deliverance one baby was at deaths door the doctors said, “just hold him” and he is thriving and putting on weight this is only possible with God as man cannot heal him!

"….wept quietly when handed the chubby little boy by the staff of Shepherd's Keep…"

Keith Ross reporting on adoption of baby boy.
Daily News 10 August 2000
Daily News, 2 December 1999 - Seema Diahnan and Ashmika Mahara


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