April 2010

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Jayden (age 3 and a half months):

Jayden is loves to be carried and cuddled and spoken to. He interacts with people when spoken to and coos and smiles broadly. He also enjoys being in the baby swing and watching the mobiles attached to it.

Mandla (age 3months)

Mandla is growing well. He has recently discovered the baby gym and loves to spend time under it. He also enjoys spending time outside in the garden in the pram.

Angel (age 9months)

is still leopard crawling about at great speed. She is able to pull herself up to stand and loves to stand in her cot in the morning and watch every body in the morning as preparations to start the day happen.


Here is the first photo of Daniel. It was taken the night he arrived.

Esther (6months)

is developing well. She is also able to move herself around in the walking ring a little bit. She enjoys being played with and interacted with.

Gift (age 13 months)

is able to crawl very fast. He is able to pull to stand and coast a long a little bit. He mainly does this in his cot. He is a delightful little boy with a charming personality who loves to giggle.

Luke (age 14months)

is finally up and walking! He is now able to walk about all over the place. He is delighted with his new found ability. He and Nonku now walk about together – it is very cute

Mfanafuthi (age 7months)

has just learned to crawl on all fours. He is delighted with his new found ability to move around. He is also starting to pull himself up to stand against objects, at the moment his cot is his favourite place to stand in.

Sindy (age 4.5months):

Sindy is a gentle little lady. She loves to play with the baby gym. She is also enjoys sitting on people’s laps and babbling. She has a very expressive face that seems to reflect exactly what she is thinking. She is able to bear weight on her arms.

Lwandile (age 5months)

Lwandile is a happy and very smiley baby. He loves to babble and is able to do this at a very loud volume. He is able to bear weight on his arms and look at the world around him. He is making a good effort to learn to roll as well
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