December 2005

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Once again, we have come to the end of another challenging year, where we have seen and experienced the mighty hand of the living God in our midst!
The new facilty for 60 babies has been functioning very efficiently from June this year—we have had an influx of babies, God-planned adoptions and lots of fun and fund-raising and plenty of hard work along the way!

Our absolute joy has been to expect at any time and recieve at any time, tiny weeny little bundles of pure joy—joy to us, but oftimes very traumatic for the babes! They have often been left in bins, on pavements, in toilets, in waiting rooms, on stations, in busses, and then the wait at the police stations, before they even reach us—tired, hungry, wet, dirty, smelly,sick, miserable and exhausted—but for us, this is the joy of helping this tiny scrap of humanity into a blossoming , healthy and happy child!

The Hi-Care nursery has seen little ones recover, and others not, and yet we have the peace that God has given us the best, for their comfort and security when they are so sick.

To do this, we have needed help in all sorts of ways, doctors, donations, manual help in gardens, maintenance on buildings such as blocked gutters,etc, and help with the plumbing that always comes unstuck! light bulbs to be replaced, tumble dryers that always stop working on the rainy and cold days, washing machines that flood the floors, cleaners and sweepers, and staff to look after our little charges and all the admin staff aswell as a supervisor, and lots of volunteers.

All have been bountifully supplied, we have a full staff of 20 permanent ladies, an Admin manager, a matron, a supervisor, and a CEO ,and we all work as a wonderful team.

To these folk, our special thanks for dedicated and comitted work over the past 8 years, ( Colin and Michelle) and the others, since June 2005!

A very special thankyou to Johan, the doctor who is available at anytime to advise, prescribe and treat the little infants, sometimes so sick, that only TLC can be prescribed! God bless you Doctor, we are always so grateful to you!

For all the incredible donations from friends, family, corporates, ministries, churches, neighbours, retirement -homes, cubs, scouts, schools, congregations, pupils and helpers—a great big thankyou — you have all made this year possible!

To our American volunteer, Cathryn—we need you back—you are sorely missed!! Thankyou for your time, love and compassion for the babes!
To our supervisor—you have made light many others loads—bless you for your hard work and happy disposition!

To Colin and Michelle, our administrator and CEO—you are both dearly loved and admired for your dedication to the cause of Shepherd’s keep, for your tireless and endless occupation of raising funds—we appreciate you! thankyou!

To our other volunteers who come along so happily, and readily don their uniforms to take care of sick and ailing, sometimes miserable babies, a great big thankyou!!

To our overseas visitors—thank you for taking the time and effort in looking us up—we do appreciate you all so much! We have had Professor Bremner (surgery) and his wife visit from Pasadena in Los Angeles, we have Dr Davoli from Italy. Bless you! Also , from Boca Raton in Florida, a wonderful visit from our friends there, danny, Dan and Beverly—thankyou and Gos bless!

We have been blessed to have our own church services in our chapel, the congregation being our staff, babies and any visitors.

A special thankyou to our board members who have consistently and sincerely given of their best to Shepherd’s keep this past year in many ways.

For a wonderful year, we give God all the glory and thank Him for putting all you wonderful folk around us! May God bless you and keep you at this festive time and a wonderfully happy ,healthy and prosperous new year to all!
In His grip

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