October 2005

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We are ecstatic at our new facility’s progress and have happy Christian staff who sing choruses all day and are willing to be involved in all kinds of chores!

The babies are all beautiful and thriving on excellent care and plenty of love. We have one tiny infant who was given back to us by a doctor to “die” having no hope—she has pulled through and holds on to the thin thread of life like a dog with a bone—we are amazed at her tenacity and thank God for giving us all the necessary to keep her painless and comfortable. As we look into these tiny sad little eyes, we melt, but know that God in His goodness and with His grace and mercy, knows just what to do for her.

Our babies all had such a marvelous day today , out in the sun and under the trees–the tiny babes are enthralled with the waving boughs and leaves blowing in the wind!

We are looking for good trained South African staff who are fluent in English for various positions, (not live in)

Also for a visiting paediatricion and physiotherapist who would be kind enough to donate their spare time to these babes.

We thanks all folk who have travelled from all parts of the world to visit us in our infancy here, and pray God would richly bless them as they have blessed us!


We also thank all donors for gifts—we are ever grateful for all the love and concern shown from all sectors of life.
Bless you all, till next time
Colin and Cheryl

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