August 2005

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Work is progressing and the babes are thriving!

After opening the new facility, we have been blessed to have baby after baby coming to the safety of Shepherd’s Keep, in the dark of the African night and at the crack of dawn—little scraps of humanity, often wrapped in nothing but an old blanket or towel, frightened and hungry, desperately tired and just wanting loving arms and that bottle of warm milk!

The work days are long and the nights even longer, but the staff sing songs of Jesus and their pure sweet voices ring out like angels, bringing healing and deliverance—one baby was at deaths door—the doctors said, “just hold him” and he is thriving and putting on weight—this is only possible with God as man cannot heal him!

We are still in need of a few inside windows to make the building a bit warmer, anyone knowing of anyone willing to sponsor, kindly contact us through the website e-mail address—the cost of the large windows are R3000-00 each.

God bless you all out there who have donated funds and baby items—all are gratefully accepted and a big thankyou to all. To those who have donated their hands in real hard work cleaning up—a huge thankyou—we can’t do it all and you have made our load so much easier!

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