October 2004

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Dear friends and faithful partners
The year is nearly passed, and what an amazing year it has been to see this great big, beautiful building emerging from the sand and stones of the property after it was cleared of all the trees!

Of course, we are all overjoyed that the project will soon be up and running again, and to this we owe thanks to all our most wonderful prayer partners, sponsors and donors, who have been more than generous in giving this year! To all of you out there, a huge big thank you from management and staff!

We now have the last few hurdles to get over and are appealing to all to help us get ready for the Festive season, when abandonment are tragically increased enormously and there are people knocking on our doors all the time with tiny scraps of humanity who need desperate attention, be it medical or otherwise.

We, at Shepherd’s Keep, will now have ALL the medical and other urgent treatment necessary, as we sport a Hi-Care and Isolation nursery, fully kitted out with the latest medical equipment with professional staff to take care of these special needs.

Our home will be open around the clock as it always has been, so admissions are always received with the love and attention these special babies deserve.

To make this real by Christmas time, we need urgent funds and a few items, such as sun screen for windows, aluminium window frames and windows for the ramp side of nurseries, a few sash windows to finish off the outside, a small quantity of retaining bricks,irrigation for the large garden,a floor for the chapel, blinds for nursery windows, burglar bars for windows and doors, a quantity of hard -wearing new carpets,balustrades for ramps and play-room balcony, surrounding cupboards for baby changing areas — new pine cots,pabx system,computers, etc, we are nearly there!!

If you are going to have a look at the website, you will see that we have many sponsors who have donated building material, their time etc—this is found on the sponsor page

Cash donations are very welcome for running costs and can be deposited into the account on the how to help page.

On this note, we leave you, hoping that 60 cots will soon be fitted out with pretty furnishings and filled with precious babies!!

Kind regards
Colin, Cheryl and Michelle

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