May 2004

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Praise God, we are nearly there !

We now need to raise funds for the plumbing links, electricity to be finished and the interior fixtures and fittings, and also the exterior landscaping—all sounds easy, but this huge project needs much prayer and commitment—the admin. dept. is always abuzz with much work, and Colin and Michelle have really done a sterling job in fundraising, and we give God the glory for giving them this ability and for their perseverance in sometimes very difficult situations.

The chapel will be used immediately for much praise and worship to God our King, who has made all this possible, and training and groups will be transferred to this new building, very soon

Our Hands of Mercy is going very well, and a huge order goes out to the valleys of Kwa Zulu Natal next week—this time we have added some different infection control medications and really hope to touch the very ill deep down in the valleys, where there is very little help for anything.

We include a beautiful booklet on “living in Hope” which has really given many hope already. Once again, thank you for all our friends out there, who really have made a difference, who say they are going to do something to help, and really have!!

A warm and light-filled view from inside Shepherd’s Keep speaks of the care and kind of spirit that will inhabit this building for abandoned babies

We have had many donations ( even clothes and baby food!) all the way from America and cash donations too!

It is these donations that keep faith strong in us, knowing that there are those of you out there who really care, and have compassion for the abandoned babies of Africa—so helpless and vulnerable.

Thank you all and God bless you—we need you all and especially your prayers!

Colin and Cheryl Pratley — custodians of Shepherd’s Keep

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