February 2004

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2004 is going to be the most exciting year yet, with our new facility waiting to have the roof put on and the plastering and all other things that have to be done to finish the building, takes place—we still hope to be open before May!

The new statistics are frightening—ONE MILLION PEOPLE WILL DIE THIS YEAR IN NATAL. MORE PEOPLE ARE DYING THAN ARE BEING BORN IN NATAL BY THE YEAR 2015, THE REGION WILL BE UNDERPOPULATED—we keep hearing reports like this, and know that if there is not a radical turn around, the stories are true! In all this chaos, are the abandoned, sick, usually dying babies, so very helpless and defenseless calling out for a chance.

WE CAN HELP—PLEASE PRAY FOR THE BUILDING AND ALL THE FUNDS THAT ARE NEEDED—we have the infrastructure to care and find families by the time the babies are 6 months old.

We are grateful for any donations now, in cash or kind, and all those wonderful folk out there who keep giving to this cause, THANKYOU!

Colin and Cheryl Pratley — custodians of Shepherd’s Keep

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