September 2011

New Babies

We’ve noticed a disturbing trend with special needs babies increasing in proportion to the shocking late-term abortions happening in backstreet surgeries. Many of the tiny little premature babies found tied up in refuse bags, were actually attempted abortions – left to suffocate – somehow they miraculously survive, but not always without complications – Abi has epilepsy, cerebral palsy and is partially blind. Shockingly, our newest little one was a week old when she was found in a bag near a river – again, we won’t know the full extent of any birth complications until she’s older. Little Pila has a stoma bag, heart problems and is HIV positive – a lot for an 8 month old baby to live with and he falls asleep instantly when he has his strong meds. We have a few babies whose mothers are trying to get their lives together so they can have them back – they chose not to discard their babies and looked for help in their circumstances.



A very special part of the Shepherd’s Keep family are our adopted babies who return to visit – we’re so touched by the greatness of adoptive parents and their big hearts – the requests to adopt keep pouring in from all over the globe. Right now, a very special couple are in the process of adopting their second baby from Shepherd’s Keep – amazing people!!


Such a huge part of the Shepherd’s Keep family – volunteers brighten the day and bring a breath of fresh air in. Always blessed to have them, our volunteers return time and time again to share their precious time with our babies. With school the year almost at a close, most schools have finished their community service curriculum and the short September holiday saw many girls doing their hours at Shepherd’s Keep. One energetic group planted a section of our retaining wall with new seedlings and fertilised the whole garden – just in time for the lovely rains we’ve had, so we’re expecting a burst of spring colour in the garden! We still have our lovely American volunteer, CC with us – CC helps on a Friday morning in our reception office and spends many happy hours with the babies too.


Thank you each and every donor – we need your help to keep going!

Cash for medicines or direct deposits into our account:

Account no: 4053248415
Branch code: 632005
Thank you for your financial contributions, without your help, we can’t do our work.

Daily Needs:
Infacare no. 1, 2 and Infasoy formula
Snacks like oranges, flings, peanut butter, cheesespread
Brown sugar for babies’ rooibos tea
Purity fruit
Custard powder and jelly
Latex gloves
5ml Syringes
Flusin or Sinuclear syrup
Plastic pegs
Soft brooms
Cleaning chemicals
Sunlight Washing powder

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