June 2012


One has to comment on the lack of service delivery, for want of a better description, on the part of those issuing grants. The frustration involved in trying to eke this meager, even ludicrous, amount of money from the powers that be is sometimes not worth the effort and frustration, however this is money that is sorely needed. We have been informed on some occasions that we are ‘lucky’ that a payment has only taken 2 months to come through and when it does that it is indistinguishable from the claim that was originally submitted – the amounts don’t tie up and also depend to a large extent on whether the social worker has done her bit, sometimes an even bigger exercise in frustration. This was highlighted by Cheryl Pratley in an article in the Sunday Tribune of 10 June 2012. Hopefully someone, somewhere will take ownership of this mess and take to heart those it is supposed to be benefitting.


We can hardly believe that half the year has gone and I’m quite sure you are all saying the same. We tend to think in increments pertaining to our own personal circumstances and measure the flow of time accordingly. At Shepherd’s Keep this has been true of our journey with Philisande, our miracle stoma baby and his impending surgeries to reconstruct his bowel. Much of our thinking has centered around firstly the need for him to reach 10 kgs before
surgeons would even look at surgery and so efforts to enrich his diet have been uppermost in mind and secondly,  whether his heart is strong enough to withstand such intense surgery. Well, that time has almost arrived and I must say,
not without much trepidation, not just surrounding the surgery but the post-operative care and discomfort such an active little boy will have to endure, heartbreaking for us to see. This has begun with Philisande being weaned off his
beloved bottle and only being allowed a cup, approached carefully and lovingly by Nurse Candice and reciprocated with hearty tantrums of an intensity to be expected from an 18 month old! Philisande is definitely the king of the castle at Shepherd’s Keep, adored by us all and we know that the prayers for his successful surgeries will sustain him – the Lord has brought him this far and will see him through.


We are so aware of the hardship of so many and the economic crunch that has left businesses reeling and somehow, one doesn’t seem to recover from an increase in the petrol price, even when it is decreased again. This makes us keenly
aware of the sacrifice of those who donate to Shepherd’s Keep, whether from a private capacity or corporately and once again, we are incredibly grateful that the donors believe in the work we do and know that without it, those babies don’t stand a chance at a life anywhere close to what they have with us, and go on to have. Thank you to you all, you are precious to us.

To those who need our banking details, here they are:

Chq account: 4053248415 and
the Branch code: 632005. If you do a direct
deposit, please e-mail me on
amjw@telkomsa.net with your details so that I
can provide you with a Section 18(a) Receipt

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