HIV/Aids Babies

Should funds be wasted on terminally ill HIV/Aids positive babies?

This is what many people ask us. We answer with a question –

  • Would people spend money on caring for terminally ill cancer patients, would they ‘waste’ money on painkillers and making the patient as comfortable as possible during their last days?
  • Is it better that an abandoned baby die in the bush rather than in someone’s arms?
  • Does the fact that a baby is abandoned and sick make it less valuable to God, less worthy of treatment and love?
  • Does a newborn baby choose to be infected with HIV by his positive mother?

We know that babies don’t ask to be HIV infected. We believe that every baby has the right to loving arms, a warm bed and a full stomach no matter what their life expectancy is.

We also believe that every baby has the right to a normal family life and this is the objective for our healthy babies – to ensure they are fostered or adopted.

With the distribution of Anti-retroviral drugs still in its infancy, we need to press on and provide the love and care so necessary in the lives of these babies. Shepherd’s Keep does this through:

  • Nurseries modelled on home nursing, not institutions.
  • Surrogate mothering by staff.
  • De-institutionalizing of babies.
  • Superior level of care and commitment.
  • Immune boosting medical and nutritional plans.
  • Holistic approach incorporating both physical, spiritual and emotional care.





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