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July 2012

In our last newsletter we shared how Philisande was scheduled for major reconstructive surgery this month. Born without an anus and left to die on the back of a truck, he had a stoma inserted at 5 days old, as well as surgery to repair a faulty valve in his heart. What a precious child he is—he has done so incredibly well and melted the hearts of everyone. On the 20th July, he sat on Nurse Candice’s lap while they administered the anaesthetic and was in surgery for nearly 4 hours while they untangled his intestines and pulled them down into position and then created an anus.

His heart has been of great concern to everyone involved and one of the reasons the specialists waited so long, but he has amazed everyone and is home now doing well—apparently well enough to toss all his toys and his PJ’s out of his cot and through the nursery window! One of the most touching moments was when he got home to Shepherd’s Keep and we all realized that this is his home. Back in his cot, with the dog-eared bible that he’s held in his little hands and chewed on since a tiny baby, we are grateful to our staff who spent day and night with him, so that he didn’t feel abandoned all over again.

Philisande is a miracle baby who doctors didn’t want us to save because they said his case was hopeless, but his sheer love of life and the joy that he shares with everyone is a testament to the plan that God has for his life. Thank you for all your prayers and inquiries — he really is a much-loved little boy.

Philisande the night before his intricate
surgery waving to his adoring fans!
At 5 days old, just after his first
surgery to create the stoma in
Jan 2011

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