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April 2010

April 2010

Cheryl Pratley Founder of Shepherd’s Keep


An ancient African proverb states that “it takes a village to raise a child”. At Shepherd’s Keep we care for abandoned babies and in order to do this we rely on donations from people like you! We are always grateful to our donors and their willingness to help us with this ministry—you are part of the village that is helping to care for these children. Our donations come from people volunteering their time, corporate groups spending a day working on bigger projects like maintenance and painting and our visitors who bring donations of baby food, formula, nappies and baby clothing. We are truly grateful to each and every person who helps us in some way to care for our babies, so that they will one day be able to fulfill the plans and destiny that God has for them.


PAG lend a helping hand

Brandon Nash and his team from PAG spent a Saturday at Shepherd’s Keep painting the nurseries, hanging new curtains and planting flowers in our new garden. It looks great and we are very grateful to Brandon and his team for their time, energy and effort that went in to a day’s work.

Evangelical Bible Church visit

A group of Believers from Evangelical Bible Church visited Shepherd’s Keep recently. They spent time singing and praying with the babies and staff and also brought a donation of nappies and purity, both items we use daily and are always very grateful to receive. Thank you for blessing us with your visit.

Fun information about Shepherd’s Keep

Here a few fun bits of information about Shepherd’s Keep and the events that take place here on a daily basis.


We use about 120 nappies
per day

We do on average 5 loads of
laundry every day!

We wash, sterilize and make ap-
proximately 90 bottles every night

 Interested in helping out?

There are a number of ways that you can get involved in helping us to care for the babies at Shepherd’s Keep. We appreciate each and every minute you spend with us—thank you!

  • You can volunteer your time—this entails spending time with our babies, loving them, feeding them and stimulating and playing with them.
  • Getting a team together to do things like maintenance, gardening and small repair jobs. Phone us and ask whether there are things that need to be done.
  • You can also donate items off our monthly needs list, baby clothing, baby toiletries, nappies, formula and purity baby food.
  • For more information you can contact us on the following numbers: 031 466 6106 or 031 466 1045 or visit our website at

Bless you all

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