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December 2011

December 2011

Shepherd’s Keep Christmas Newsletter 2011 Christmas Newsletter 2011


As 2011 draws to a close and we reflect on n what has passed this year, we are once again humbled by each person who has come into our lives and touched the lives of our babies, whether through the giving of their time or through much-needed donations.

This has probably been the most challenging year financially that we’ve ever experienced and each month end has been difficult and stressful as we’ve fund raised to pay y wages and buy the necessities. In light of the economic crunch, we’re especially thankful to those who have continued to support us. Our own family, Uncle Ced Bremner, Myles and Nikki Sinclair and Bruce Bremner have each made substantial donations – what precious family. Rakesh from Nedbank arranged another super Sports Stars Golf Day in this very trying economic c climate and our local security company, Tactical Security Services encouraged our supporters to click ‘like’ on their Facebook page – when the target of 1000 ‘likes’ was reached, they made a donation to Shepherd’s Keep. Special people, caring for special babies. For years we’ve wished for someone who could help with the maintenance and repairs of our huge building and Total have recently pledged to do this for us – a dream come true – no more leaking roof and broken geysers! Thank you Total!

Our volunteers have again been an integral part of Shepherd’s Keep – providing extra hands and more importantly, extra love and stimulation. Our American volunteer, Camille-Claire who has spent every Friday this year with us, is going home to the US and we’re going to miss her terribly. CC as we call her, has worked with the babies and in the office – a multi – talented, capable and enthusiastic lady! We’ll miss you CC!

The new Child Care Act, passed in April this y year has increased protection for babies and children in care, but has also made the adoption process a lot more long-winded, meaning that babies are with h us for longer and it becomes more difficult for them when they do finally leave. All caregivers, staff and volunteers are now required by law to have a Criminal Clearance from the e police before they are allowed to work with b babies or children in an effort to eradicate the abuse that seems to o be rife in some places. We welcome this ruling as it enables us to make sure none of our staff has a criminal record of any kind.

ARV’s have been rolled out very successfully at provincial hospitals, at our local hospital at least and the difference in the lives of the HIV positive babies is marked. Every one of our babies on t these meds is thriving, even though the regime is daunting and the meds themselves bitter, clinically, the benefits are obvious.

Our admin office will be closed this December – after much deliberation, we decided that s since we haven’t had a break since 2009, we would take much-needed leave. Please still contact our office on 03 31 4661045 and speak to Anita – and please don’t stop donating because the admin office is closed. Anita has documentation that can be e-mailed through, should you need a copy of the NPO, PBO or BBE verifications, or bank king details. Thank you letters will be sent out in January 2012. Thank you for your understanding.


We wish each and every one of you a bright, cheerful and happy Christmas that is full o of love. May the real meaning of Christmas permeate your home es and fill your New Year. God bless each of you and protect you and your families,

Much love from all at Shepherd’s Keep

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