August 2012

One of the best feelings in the world must be when the fruits of your work become evident…Cheryl recently had the privilege of meeting one of her first babies all over again—she’s 14 years old and had flown in from the USA. We knew her as Rebecca back then—she has grown into a beautiful
young girl, gentle, well-spoken and kindhearted. As I looked at her I thought, this young girl knows that she is standing here today because of Cheryl’s vision, her gratitude was real and her shock at seeing other abandoned babies, perhaps realizing that her life started out the same way, was noticeable.

I was appalled to read in the newspaper this week, that approximately 77,700 legal abortions have been performed in our country per year and even more saddened to read that a minister was bemoaning the cost of these and not the fact that abortion is murder. What the journalist was asking was whether anyone had actually witnessed an abortion, actions one could only call barbaric and devoid of humanism. At Shepherd’s Keep we see the effects of abortions ‘gone wrong’, babies with terrible birth defects and neurological disorders from a lack of oxygen when left for dead. What has this world come to, what is it going to take for people to take stock and stop using abortion as a form of birth control. Each
baby with us is such a miracle—just stop for a moment and consider what they have survived, the odds they’ve beaten just being alive.

Abby is our CP toddler, locked in her own world, she laughs and giggles and makes eye contact when she hears her name
and I often marvel when I look at her, that I was born to a mother who loved me and wanted me and how sad that any
child, anywhere should not be wanted and suffer the lifelong scars of her mother’s unsuccessful attempts to kill her.

Philisande and Nomonda


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