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New and exciting at Shepherd’s Keep!

With the understanding that this journey is the beginning of the rest of their lives…let us make sure the journey begins beautifully – learning, serving and leading by example.

After much consideration, we have decided to add an Early Child Development program to Shepherd’s Keep.

Watching children who aren’t in the system being at a distinct disadvantage in the preschool sector made us aware of the challenges they face when they reach Grade One, with little or no formal schooling, a complete lack of skills and virtually no chance of ever catching up.  Foundational phase education sets the standard for future education, equipping children with vital social and academic skills on which to build.  Fostering a love of learning in a safe, warm and encouraging environment, together with  nutritional intervention can alter the course of a child’s school career and their lives forever and encouraging lateral thinking at this age enhances a child’s later ability to grasp early Maths and Science skills and concepts.

Your support is appreciated and vitally important for us to take this next step in making these immeasurable investments in the future of children in our country.

Shepherd’s Keep Background:

We started caring for abandoned babies in 1998 and relocated to our present premises after operating for 2.5 years and finding the organization had outgrown the buildings.

As a 24 hour facility for babies from birth to twelve months old, the name of Shepherd’s Keep has become synonymous with excellence through hard work and dedication, and is favoured by most officials when seeking shelter for abandoned babies.

“With hindsight, we realise that by overcoming our cowardice and visiting the home, we are richer for the experience.
Nothing could prepare us for the warmth and love that radiates there.”

Daily News, 2 December 1999 – Seema Diahnan and
Ashmika Mahara




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